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During a police interview, Kamara said he did not know there was an age of consent in Australia.Justice Elkaim read from a pre-sentence report which observed that there were "significant cultural differences between Sierra Leone and Australia".

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"Mr Kamara reported in Sierra Leone 'girls have babies at 13; I didn't know I was doing anything wrong, there is no age of consent in my country'," the document read."Nevertheless, Mr Kamara has been a resident of Australia for three years which suggests he would have some awareness of the repercussions of sexual involvement with a minor."This is confirmed by him telling the police that he thought the complainant was 17 years of age."Justice Elkaim agreed with the report and said: "I do not accept the offender was unaware of the relevance of the victim's age."The court heard Kamara had a difficult childhood after his parents were murdered in violence in his homeland when he was eight.

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