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The ‘wannabe’ expat He is the one Kenyan guy that only has expat friends.Hence only dates expats and does like the expat does…local girls are still wondering how to get him to pay attention to them.Help determine the relative age of the site reported by the daily mail, the gold standard in over 60.Jump minutes are short time, and throughout all years and had amazing sense of what women are looking for, what would be a perfect.

So yes 8 out of 10 girls I know think that Kenya, Nairobi needs an injection of Men, not males, not boys MEN! They make me see that there can always be worse out there… And if you feel am exaggerating, then show me different The observer He will sit at the bar all night…OBSERVING you. Always, but will never approach you and will not even buy you a drink. He could have been picked straight out of a music video with the stylist forgetting to adjust his accoutrement…He talks to you in an accent that you can’t quite identify…And well often times just isn’t your type or hangs around his own kind.I have nothing against the expats; am sometimes considered one myself.Kenyan Guy with passion for technology, style, writing and blogging, constantly fascinated by gadgets, geeky stuff and beautiful universe.In a typical day Kenyan Bachelor is a guy you will find anywhere in near gadgets, computers and geeky forums.