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Ever since 2004, when Tom Ford walked away from the Gucci Group, he has done things in his singular way.He’s made two movies (both of which have been nominated for all sorts of honors, Oscars included) and developed his own line in reverse order from everyone else (eyewear, followed by fragrance, followed by cosmetics, followed by clothes).You should make your own page and write truthful and detailed information about yourself, your habits and way of life. Then you can start looking through the women’s pages choosing those you like most of all. Be persistent and serious, and you will get surprised how many responses from beautiful Russian women you will receive.

There’s also an office in Milan, and one in Tokyo, because “that’s what fashion people do.It’s normal.” So much about the way fashion works today — the designer star system, the luxury conglomerates, the cultish immersion in a house’s overall ethos — can be traced back to 1995, when Ford showed his landmark collection for Gucci.Even then, he was more than just the designer; he played a key role in assembling the Gucci Group (which was folded into PPR, which became Kering), and Kering acquired and still controls a group of top-end brands that includes Saint Laurent, Stella Mc Cartney, Balenciaga, and Alexander Mc Queen. Yes, it’s one of those bad words your parents told you not to say, and you’re not supposed to say it, but adults use that word, and it really does represent in a lot of ways where we are culturally. If sex is everywhere, it’s a bit harder to cause a stir when you publish a provocative ad. In advertising we’ve become so prudish, and I think that comes from a fear that half our population in America is rejecting something, and that affects our business, and I think that’s where we come from. When we’d shoot an ad campaign, we used to shoot for the world, and then we’d shoot a Middle East version because there are certain rules, like a man can’t touch a woman and everyone has to be clothed. I don’t want to sound too businesslike here, but it’s all about breaking through the clutter. It’s all anyone uses: “Oh, it’s so disruptive.” Disruptive, disruptive!(His straddling of the business-creative divide was unprecedented and not always welcome. With porn so accessible, what adult can really say she’s freaked out by seeing a penis on television? So even as television and language go forward, you can still not show a woman’s nipple in many magazines. To me a breast without a nipple is more perverse and is really creepy, but if I do those things, no magazine will run them, so I can’t push images too far or they’ll be rejected. Well, it’s definitely part of why I work in Europe, but this is something new. But now we shoot three versions: We shoot the world version, the conservative version, and the Middle East version. And is that frustrating or is it more of a challenge? I guess it’s just the new way of breaking through the clutter or creating something new, and I guess it’s just a word, but of course I want to be it. I get the criticism, I see it in my press reports, all complaining about the objectification of women.When Ford was appointed creative director at Yves Saint Laurent, Mr. “The poor guy,” he said snobbishly, “he does what he can.”) At this particularly chaotic moment for the fashion industry — which city should a designer choose for a show? Red carpet, cocktail dresses, mega.” You played a huge role in creating the modern fashion world, in elevating the star system of designers at old houses. You can’t look like anyone else, and so I suppose I’ve been more romantic lately. I’ve objectified men just as much in my career, but you just cannot run those images.