Ashley olsen and lance armstrong dating

Ashley Olsen, 21, and cycling champion Lance Armstrong, 36, are the latest odd couple to surface in Hollywood, reports Page Six.

The couple showed up to the Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel Monday and spent the night together.

has reached out to Lance Armstrong’s publicist and isawaiting a response.

Ashley Olsen’s publicist had, “no comment.”Lance Armstrong was previously linked to fashion designer Tory Burch.

They left together around 2 a.m.” This is one rumor I wouldn’t mind being shot down by one of their publicists!

During the basketball game, Ashley and Mary-Kate were divided in their seats by stairs but whenever they "came up for air from their kissing sessions," as the outlet explained, the sisters made their best attempt at communicating with one another over the noise of the arena.

Lance Armstrong finally put a ring on his longtime girlfriend Anna Hansen.

daughter, Ashley Olsen, has been dating Lance Armstrong, father of three. John, Dave, and I — there’s gag reel footage of us, gagging, practically — and the girls knew that something funny was going on and the audience was horrified.

How does Saget feel about the huge age and respectability gap between the two? That was my favoriteepisode.” That’s wholesome family fun right there!