Updating excel worksheet from access query

This Microsoft Excel tutorial explains how to create Excel Query, create Join Table, update Query, add Query criteria.Similar to Microsoft Access Query, Excel allows users to create Query through graphical user interface, which means you don’t need to have technical skills to write any SQL statement.The class name is referred to in code later on in this post.If you name it something different, be sure to adjust your code as well.Cell ranges must be specified in the 'A1: B2' format.If a cell or cell range is named, the defined name can also be specified.

For this example we will rename it (select the class module, press F4) to “cls Query“.

The workbook must be in a configured Excel Service trusted location.

The name of the Excel sheet in the workbook that will be queried.

This will all be done inside the Visual Basic Editor (VBE).

To get there click Visual Basic on the Developer tab (pictured below) or hit ALT F11.

Updating excel worksheet from access query