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The project – spanning reports, documentaries, and digital content – will be used in classrooms to promote practical solutions to improving the care of people affected by such issues.

Italian students will also be encouraged to join and contribute to the CNN Freedom Project's efforts.

Gorani highlighted that CNN's choice to focus on this particular aspect of human rights – human trafficking – is due to its long-standing presence in the world, rather than something related specifically to the current news cycle.

BEIRUT: During 2011, Italy was the shipping point for many cases of human trafficking and modern-day slaves from Africa, where they would be used mostly for forced prostitution.

Before you go on thinking that I am referring to some odd sex game and start feeling all titillated about it, I mean the kind of dates that grow on palms (yes, I almost wrote ‘trees’ but corrected myself at the last minute?! NOT the tall, charming and handsome kind that come to pick me up at the door and take me to some fab restaurants for wonderful nights out on the town.

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She was offered a taste of each treat in the shop, and between her delighted exultations and my overactive imagination, I’ve spent every night since then dreaming about those little pearls of deliciousness that Middle Eastern dates can be.Not only is her profession fun, she says, but more importantly it stimulates her intellectually.In additional to her anchoring duties, Gorani often goes into the field to report on the main breaking news stories.) I really wanted to find a variety of flavors and a place that would deliver.Lucky for me – and The Ajnabee readers of course – Sphinx Ranch in Arizona has just what I craved.