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He has recently finished serving 10 years in prison for a violent sexual assault, and has been deemed by the Parole Board of Canada a high risk to reoffend.Jerry Dvorak has been convicted of sexual assault with a weapon, rape, gross indecency, abduction, assault causing bodily harm and uttering threats.“There is a misconception that we’ve been a hotbed,” Weighill said.The police department has revamped its policy on missing persons cases in recent years and now more officers work missing persons cases, he added.Weighill said the entire policy — from the procedure officers follow when dealing with new missing persons cases to how officers connect with family members — is revamped.

Jaromir (Jerry) Dvorak, 53, is not my idea of an ideal neighbour, and I am so very grateful that he hasn’t moved into my neighbourhood. We offer an abundant selection of features in a fun environment designed to allow you to meet other quality people.Melville's Golf Course is one of the oldest golf courses in Saskatchewan, dating back to the beginning of the last century.The majority of Saskatoon’s missing persons cases involve habitual runaways, so the department works hard to “triage” cases — making sure that the more serious ones are passed on to to investigative units like major crimes, Weighill said.When someone vanishes under mysterious circumstances without a trace, it’s important to get a serious investigation underway quickly, he added.