Bethenny frankel dating show

They’ve been engaged in a nasty battle over their assets ever since.

On June 25, the exes met in court to continue fighting over their million Tribeca loft and Frankel’s multi-million dollar Skinnygirl empire.

’ And then we had lunch the next day, and here we are getting engaged.“ their adventure in dating. " data-reactid="36"Check out the video to hear what he had to say when Frankel asked if dating her helps him get lucky with the ladies, and tune in to The Insider With Yahoo on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.

If you're a big fan of Bethenny Frankel over at Bravo, then consider this your lucky day.

Later in the night, when she was leaving with another man, a “wasted” Stonestreet stopped her. I’m the most interesting person here,’” he recalled. And I thought that was very confident and I liked that, but I still thought you were gay,” Frankel said.

The two continued to talk at the bash and even exchanged phone numbers, but Frankel didn’t think much of it.

The network has decided that just one show with Frankel isn't enough for them, and has decided to give her an all-new television show. Instead of spending her time getting into all kinds of drama, Frankel will be trying her hands at real estate.

And because everyone loves a crossover, she'll be teaming up with fellow Bravo star Fredrik Eklund to make it happen. The show will take fans inside their partnership as they work together to scout, buy, and design multi-million dollar properties.

When asked by Kit about her workout routines and keeping her bikini-ready body, the Skinny Girl mogul and millionaire confessed to Access Hollywood Live that she has not been able to work out for the past eight weeks due to a recent undisclosed health issue."I've had a couple of little health issues lately.Real Housewives of New York star invited the Modern Family actor to be a guest on her Sirius XM show B Real with Bethenny on Wednesday morning, they took the opportunity to set the record straight. " data-reactid="26"Bethenny Frankel and Eric Stonestreet were romantically linked last summer, so when the Real Housewives of New York star invited the Modern Family actor to be a guest on her Sirius XM show B Real with Bethenny on Wednesday morning, they took the opportunity to set the record straight. “I asked my assistants: 'Is Eric Stonestreet [gay]? I knew you were Cam [a character on 'Modern Family’]. “People want to clear up our dating rumors, so you can clear them up or I can clear them up,” she said. The 45-year-old said she met Stonestreet, 44, through a friend at a “douche, Hollywood industry party” last spring. "When she said, ‘This is the queen of reality,’ I thought… So good.’ As I started talking to you, she said something about Skinnygirl, and I said to you, 'Oh my God! “I mean, are we getting engaged today on the radio? “As you had no idea I was straight in real life, I had no idea who you were. she meant you were like the queen bee reality agent. You were like a CAA agent that would put me on a show.