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Sure, the characters in author Alexander Weinstein's new collection of short stories, Children of the New World, are living with clones, virtual sex games, technological implants and ecological destruction.But they're also dealing with the emotional struggles and sacrifices that humans have grappled with for millennia.When I first started reading your stories, I immediately thought: "Oh, this could be a script for Black Mirror." Why short fiction, and are you going to end up writing for a TV show?I started watching Black Mirror after I wrote the collection because a lot of people were saying, "You have to see it, you'll love it." And it's true; I find it brilliant.Susan Greenfield, a noted British neuroscientist who has studied the impact of new technology on people, has articulated some compelling concerns related to the mediated nature of technology.She believes that, for all of its appearance of freedom, technology puts us in a box, a very bright, shiny, and fun box to be sure, but a box nonetheless.Inside the library's research department, the construct cunt inserted a sub-programme into that part of the video network.The sub-programme altered certain core custodial commands so that she could retrieve the code. YOUR MIND IS A NIGHTMARE THAT HAS BEEN EATING YOU: NOW EAT YOUR MIND.

Visualize Nature sickening and spraying, its frenetic, spermatic energy continually scorching and devastating in an inhuman sequence of waste, disintegration and carnage.

I just started writing a new book that focuses on the impact of new technology on children.

As I was writing one particular chapter, it struck me that the ideas within had relevance to all of us as we navigate the growing digital landscape.

Not that I wish to adopt a male identity but rather to appear as human, with no gender specified or revealed.” With Basic auctioned lifelike models of her own body, made available to suit her customers’ whims, as a way of disintegrating any link between the idealization of the female body and her personal avatar.

Virtual reality, as a space where one’s “body” (as it were) is rendered entirely malleable by code, affords some of the same potential to work through questions of gender and identification.