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Shutterstock So you meet someone senior year of college and fall in love, or, perhaps you’ve been with your same sweetheart since freshman year. Maybe your paths will cross again down the line, but staying together now will seriously stunt your growth. No self-respecting 38-year-old would date a girl still in college but one year out of college? You and your college guy are bound to keep that up post-college and that’s terrible for your career.Shutterstock If you want to really learn what career paths are out there for you, or even lifestyles, you need to be forced to network outside your college circle. Shutterstock You’ll go from living with five people to one or zero overnight and you’ll feel so lonely that you’ll be at your boyfriend’s place all of the time or visa versa, which isn’t really healthy for your growth. Shutterstock You won’t see if maybe you could be a major clubber, or a foodie, or maybe you’re a yogic guru at heart, or want to volunteer at an orphanage across the world!but people tend to get an idea of what to do thanks to movies and TV shows.It shouldn’t be surprising that it’s not all rainbows and a never-ending harem of potential lovers.The transition to college is exhilarating and terrifying at the same time, and can seriously strain a relationship.It may seem like there's no easy way to handle the situation, but here are 10 things to consider before you make a final decision: 1. Between classes, clubs and friends, college life is hectic.

They broke up a bit, dated other people at the suggestion of their parents, but stayed in close touch.But we always remained best friends.” Fifty years after high school graduation and two children later, Gee is confident it was meant to be.“We could always talk to each other, and laugh at each other’s jokes, laugh at each other’s idiosyncrasies.If you aren't willing to spend a few days every months traveling back and forth to visit each other, a breakup might be best. In high school, you more or less do the same things as your peers.And in between visits, frequent communication is key in order to stay in touch. Will you regret missing out on fun events on your own campus? But when you're cramming for midterms or rushing Greek life, will your boyfriend or girlfriend understand what you're going through? A year might not feel like a big age gap, but when one person is in college and one is in high school, it can feel like you're living in two separate worlds.

College relationships and dating other people