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K-9 West covers Troops B and C and the western sections of Troop E.

Four male Kansas City police sergeants had filed a lawsuit in 2015 saying they lost out on the job because it was given to a less-qualified female applicant in an effort to bolster the department’s diversity. After a trial lasting about four days, the jury returned identical verdicts for each of the four plaintiffs, in each case ruling against them and siding with the defendants: the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners and Police Chief Darryl Forté.BENEFITS TO THE COMMUNITYFarm & Home Gigure Family Greg Kier Gwen Ames Herb Struss James & Susan Zajkowski Jane Larson Jax Joel Pederson Judith Harris Kirk's Collision Kvitek Family Kwik Trip Maui Wowi of Western Wisconsin Meredith Stevens Midwest Center for Movement Mike & Coba Darrow Mike & Liz Montello Mike Demulling Nancy & Ronald Johnson National Refund & Mktg Staff New Richmond Kiwanis Club New Richmond Lodge #195Norbert Nilsson Olivia Naser and Friends Reardon Family (in Hogan's honor)Rotary Club of New Richmond Sharon & James Beebe Sharon Fall St. Croix Financial Services Stephen and Mary Bernd Summer Seidenkranz T'Kach Family UMC Men's Coffee Group Wal Mart Wayne Tubbs Vista Worley Wanda Viellieux WESTconsin Credit Union Westfields Hospital Whiplash Graphics Williamson and Siler S. Tanisha Ross-Paige, a one-time canine officer, won 0,000 in compensatory damages and .2 million in punitive damages from the St.These teams do not work out of a barracks but are divided for patrol purposes into Eastern and Western Field Troops.K-9 East covers Troops A, H, D, F and the Eastern sections of Troop E.