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He’d been a patient at the hospital since May 8, he said. The emergency room was closed but other patients were not evacuated during the incident.

She said she let things go too far and now feels her family and friends have had to suffer.“I want every woman that stays in these abusive relationships to get out today, right now. There's been times I was scared he was going to kill me, I thought he would only kill me but he didn't.

After 10 hours of negotiations, police say the suspect peacefully surrendered.

-- Lafayette Road was closed on the near northwest side Wednesday after police responded to a hostage situation at Gateway Motel on the near northwest side.

(KTHV)- James Bowden is charged with killing three people; 46-year-old Lt.

Mainhart, 61-year-old Rita Miller, and 17-year-old Ciara Miller.