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Our targets are inner-city minorities that own large breeds (Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, etc.).We have come up with a concept that includes the work of popular graffiti artists.

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This event is a great way for fans to discuss not only what’s happening with Lucky on GH, but to also ask questions about Jackson’s other acting jobs, and even to gain some insight into his personal life.

On that day, suddenly, the lights went out and we were in pitch black. What Matheson is wrestling with in “Duel” is coming to grips with something so irrational, so surreal. The tragic event in Dallas is replaced in Matheson’s story by a deranged killer in a semi truck.

Indirectly, Matheson is asking the sort of questions anyone would have asked after the assassination: How could something like this happen? And the fact that the killer lurks out of view refers to the mystery that, even today, is attached to the assassination.

You might find this to be a surprise but “Duel,” the short story about a man fighting for his life against a demonic semi-trailer truck, that went on to become Steven Spielberg’s first major movie, has its origins in the Kennedy assassination. It’s more based on a significantly deep dark feeling of despair and dread.

Matheson and a friend were out playing a game of golf when they got news of the assassination that day.