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Replace("'", "\'") Dim page As Page = Http Context. Public Sub Show(message As String) Dim clean Message As String = message. Format("alert('');", clean Message) If (page Is Not Nothing And Not page. Is Client Script Block Registered("alert")) Then page.

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In addition, we ship and maintain Angular JS directives for all of our controls and use it in most of our samples. Our controls are fully supported in React JS, including Flex Grid, Flex Chart, Input, and Gauges. We’re always thinking about new directions for Wijmo.

The icons are courtesy of famfamfam and have been combined into a sprite so there are only a few HTTP requests for the editor.

I plan on adding some updates in the future to support font color, a full-screen mode, and a paste from Word option.

However, I am very busy with developing mojo Portal and do not expect to be doing much active development of nor providing support for Neat Upload.

Neat Upload was originally implemented for mojo Portal, but is also used in many other projects both open source and private.