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The casfv’s Youth Services Department targets youth ages 12-21 years of age providing them with early educational sessions.

Through the educational support, youth are provided with strategies for developing healthy relationships and preventing violence.

It’s better to maintain a cordial relationship with your spouse and avoid unduly upsetting your children while the divorce is pending.

A little thoughtfulness will pay big dividends when you co-parent with your ex-spouse and want a good relationship with your children.

Many teens forge meaningful supportive relationships with friends and peers.

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Through workshops youth discuss the legal ramifications of sexual assault (rape), dating violence, and improper photography with mobile phones, internet safety and other related crimes. In spite of my advice, clients do date during their divorce. I tell my clients it’s not a good idea to date until the divorce is final – there are too many complications.In addition, your children may resent you seeing someone else when you aren’t divorced and may decide they don’t want to see you.Alienating your spouse and children in the middle of a divorce is not a good plan.