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Scarlett Alice Johnson (born 7 April 1985) is an English actress who came to national attention early as Vicki Fowler in the BBC soap opera East Enders.

She has more recently played the role of Laura Derbyshire in the BBC Three sitcom Pramface.

The ring: The star once said she was indifferent to marriage, but she seems to have changed her tune completely, debuting a sparkling Art Deco-style diamond ring at the Venice International Film Festival this week Sultry, sexy Scarlett rarely gets it wrong on the red carpet, and seeing her in this Versace dress just proves once again how amazing she is.

She is still acting and has had roles in prominent films such as Adulthood and Panic Button.

Ben has just returned home from university, having gained a really useful degree in the subject of Norse Literature.

But now they're young parents, rather than having a baby on the way..."So there's similarly frustrating situations for them, I think. Jamie's still at college doing his A-levels and he's got Mike (Dylan Edwards) and Beth (Yasmin Paige) around, but I think Laura - bless her - is at home with the baby a lot of the time and without much of a peer group."Her best friend Danielle (Emer Kenny) is up at uni and she doesn't know any other young mums.

There's an episode where she's trying to make her own new social scene with other mums, and that doesn't go too well for various reasons!