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This excellent biography describes how she started life in 1898 in a poverty-stricken family of Russian Jews who emigrated to the United States. Her mother, however, told her: 'You could be a very good housekeeper.

But a very clever woman you'll never be.' Golda married a dreamy music-lover called Morris who was dragged along in her wake as she became a fiery Zionist Socialist.

Again in drag, he took a lead role in both of Waters' early full-length movies, Mondo Trasho (1969) and Multiple Maniacs (1970), the latter of which began to attract press attention for the group.

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Independent of Waters, he also appeared in a number of other films, such as Lust in the Dust (1985) and Trouble in Mind (1985), seeking to diversify his repertoire by playing male roles.Lust For Life is Lana's second single, following Love, from her fifth studio album also called Lust For Life, which is set to be released this year.I first got to know Golda Meir in the late Sixties, when she was Prime Minister of Israel and I worked for Harold Wilson at 10 Downing Street.Born in Baltimore, Maryland to a conservative middle-class family, Milstead developed an early interest in drag while working as a women's hairdresser.By the mid-1960s he had embraced the city's countercultural scene and befriended Waters, who gave him the name "Divine" and the tagline of "the most beautiful woman in the world, almost." Along with his friend David Lochary, Divine joined Waters' acting troupe, the Dreamlanders, and adopted female roles for their experimental short films Roman Candles (1966), Eat Your Makeup (1968), and The Diane Linkletter Story (1969).