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Cybersex can oftentimes employ the use of webcams, by which those engaging in cybersex can physically view the other participants.

The Charlotte teen rescued this week after a year in captivity had been confined to the upstairs bedroom of a Georgia home and told she’d be arrested if she left, according to information in a warrant cited Tuesday by the Gwinnett Daily Post.

What was left was the common reality of a sordid killing, and Robert Glass wondering what to do with Lopatka's limp, heavy body.

Sharon Lopatka, 35, left Maryland's Carroll County to find her death in rural North Carolina at the faded, ramshackle trailer home of a man she had met on the Internet.

[and] is permissible so long as the neutral regulation promotes a substantial government interest that would be achieved less effectively absent the regulation.

How much will it demand from the government by way of justification for whatever it was that it did? Critical to that determination is the threshold question: Is the challenged government action a regulation of/burden on . But one thing I would think we could all agree on is that this is surely a regulation of . As is apparent to any who access them, social networking Web sites provide both a forum for gathering information and a means of communication. Or how about a law prohibiting convicted felons from entering a public library?

But others, scattered about the world and peering through computer screens, would see Glass and Lopatka only as "Slowhand" and "Nancy," whimsical aliases with wild, even dangerous electronic personae.

"I don't know about this Internet," mused David Flaherty, the genial Caldwell County, N.

C., prosecutor who will try Glass on murder charges. Of course, I can't speak about it with my family." Tanith Tyrr, a self-described sex rights advocate, said in a telephone interview yesterday that she and others corresponded with the sender, who revealed herself to be Lopatka.

"I think I'm not letting my kids anywhere near it for quite a while." From Hampstead, Md., to Lenoir, N. "She was going into chat rooms and asking to be tortured to death, for real," Tyrr said.