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However I am specific that looking your best is one thing. During the live dating workshops these sort of war stories from the trenches of computer dating in the 21st century.In the past, when singles wanted to communicate that they wanted someone who was slim, trim, and quite fit they would say things like, “Height weight proportional.” Now “Active Lifestyle” and “Physically Fit” are the catch phrases.We work with many international networks and matchmakers in order to bring our clients the very best in potential matches. We all know the importance of Science in our daily life.

So with that as the environment that spawned my professional formation, I’d like to say that I am fine about people taking a favorable view of themselves and extolling their virtues in your internet dating profile.If you will follow every principles and rule of science, then you can achieve a good health with some due interval of time.To each and every change in our health status, there is some science behind it.But Integrity in Dating also includes actively and concertedly misleading other singles looking for love and reading your dating profile.Now mind you, I have a corporate professional background in Sales and Marketing from San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the land that brought us HP, Steve Jobs, Apple, and The Woz.