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An island full of unbelievable SPIRITUALNESS and natural wonders.Greece's third largest island with international and domestic airport services, the island offers companies and individuals great possibilities.It cannot be deleted because it is inscribed in big bold letters.Some may choose to ignore it, others may attempt to thwart it while the majority may support and live with it. Forget about national unity and cohesion, territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The subsequent fall in both real property and financial assets led to a 12% drop in average wealth measured in pounds sterling, but the simultaneous GBP depreciation caused wealth per adult in USD to plummet by 36%.

Here is a list of politicians and the number of helicopters they own:1.

Business tycoon Ephraim Maina - 3The Jubilee Alliance coalition member was a former Mathira MP and an aspirant for the Nyeri Senator’s seat in the 2013 general election.

He has again announced his bid for president in the upcoming 2017 general election.5.

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