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On the east side, facing the lake, there has been a handsome approach, still indicated by four massive pillars.

Hindus, Krishna is an avatar of Vishnu, for Krishna devotees--at least by the medieval period and the advent of the bhakti tradition--all gods, from Vishnu to Shiva to Brahma to Devi, are manifestations of the single, supreme godhead, Krishna.Fasting Rules on Krishna Janmashtami No grains should be consumed during Janmashtami fasting until the fast is broken on next day after Sunrise.All rules followed during Ekadashi fasting should be followed during Janmashtami fasting also.The porch (shown in Photograph XVI.), and the lattice stone windows on each side of the mandap, are carved in a very elaborate and striking style of art.The interior is a square of about 23 feet, with wide recesses about 4¾ feet deep on all four sides.