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) Things got a little uncomfortable — because both Peet and Azaria are Jewish.“Guys I’m Jewish,” Peet said, prompting laughter from the hosts.I just looked at IMDB’s recommendations for the movies of Amanda Peet and on a few of them, I couldn’t figure out how they’re related, but I think I’ve begun to find the main reasons for the selections. They both have Chevy Chase and you seem to love him because you watched one of his movies. I can’t wait to see “Feeling Minnesota” and “Grumpy Old Men” as recommendations after watching “Fargo” to prove this hypothesis to myself.Admittedly, sometimes this works because if you like “Star Wars” you’ll probably like “Empire Strikes Back” and if you like Woody Allen’s “Bullets Over Broadway,” you’ll probably like “The Purple Rose of Cairo.” However, my problem is why not just say, “Movies with Chevy Chase” or “Movies with Harrison Ford” or “Movies directed by Woody Allen” instead of trying to make a broader more tenuous connection and throw in things like “The Ice Pirates” or “Super 8.” 3) Same location. 4) Genres I’m sorry, but if “Cabin in the Woods” has anything in common with “Rec 2,” I’ll eat my bloody hatchet.“So this is really unfamiliar for me.” “Would you like a chocolate menorah brought out? The group went on to talk about how people eat other things, like pizza and Oreos.When Azaria said he sometimes eats pizza with a knife and fork, some of the hosts called him out for being “not very New York.” Azaria, who was raised in Queens, responded by saying “I can eat my pizza any freaking way I want” with a heavy New York accent (a la Jon Stewart). Sarah Paulson attended Manhattan's High School of Performing Arts and later she also studied in American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

John Cusack's dating history is quite extensive, but since his 2011 relationship with Brooke Burns, his personal life has been kept private.But before talking about the series, both were asked about how they like to eat their chocolate Easter bunnies.Host Michael Strahan supplied the chocolate treats as a segue into talking about a survey on how people eat food (do you eat the bunny ears first, or the feet?Sarah Paulson was born on December 17, 1974 and her current age is 41. She was born as the daughter of Catharine Gordon and Douglas Lyle Paulson II. She was just five years old when her parents divorced. In 1994, she was featured in an American supernatural drama series Touched by an Angel. Sarah Paulson made acting debut from television series Law & Order in 1990.