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Perth today became the first capital city in Australia to introduce free, blanket internet access in the central business district.The city of Perth has spent the last two years setting up the Wi Fi system that allows people to move around the city with an uninterrupted internet connection on their mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

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The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” blares on the sound system.Perth—one of the most remote cities on Earth—has gotten fat off the back of Australia’s decade-long mining boom.In years past, this city of 1.9 million people was a backwater, albeit one with long, sandy beaches and endless days of sunshine.It has cost 0,000 to install with a further 0,000 set aside annually for improving services.Perth's Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi says it is money well spent."This will definitely attract more people to the city," she said."It will encourage people to linger longer when they're in the city and certainly enjoy the freedom of the beautiful public space that we've created."People using the service will be able to access the internet anywhere in the CBD for an hour at a time, before having to log in again.