Updating fluorescent kitchen lighting

The new furniture arrangement is much more inviting, and sophisticated reading lamps provide comfortable task lighting.

To bring some glamour and sparkle to the mantel, glass hurricanes with floating candles have been added, and orchid plants flank it.

We are not professional electricians by any means, so please don't rely solely on this tutorial. Truth be told, this long box of lights stayed here until well after the renovation was done.

I stared at them constantly, trying to figure out what to do.

When we bought our house, the kitchen came equipped with an ugly fluorescent light, complete with cheap cover to disguise it.

When we remodeled the kitchen, we made our own to replace it, and I've had a few questions on how we made it.

Charts indicate lumen levels in square feet or meters by room designation or function, such as kitchen (general): 300- 400, kitchen (task): 700- 800, etc.

I constructed a lighting gantry that replicated the height above the countertop- 48" (1220mm), thus allowing me to determine the best spacing for optimum light convergence by mounting the fixtures in plywood tabs and shifting the center distances until I felt comfortable with the result, which turned out to be 18" (457mm).

To brighten the dark cabinets, the wood shelves were replaced with glass ones.

Now the light is able to stream all the way through the cabinet and give them a warm glow.

It is held in place with spring clamps, and can be rotated and swiveled to put the light cone where needed.

Each fixture is rated for 90 lumens x 5 = 450 total lumens.