Sie wollen ihre Traumpartnerin, Ihren Traumpartner finden?Sie haben zwar Kontakt zum anderen Geschlecht, doch finden Sie einfach nicht die richtige Partnerin, den richtigen Partner?Vancouver-based Chinese pop-singer Wanting Qu — once a darling on Chinese social media such as Weibo and We Chat — is facing a wave of criticism from the country’s netizens stemming from her support of her mother, who is accused of embezzlement and potentially facing the death penalty in China.

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But the singer did issue a statement through Weibo on July 27, as well as releasing two songs — Your Girl and Best Plan — which imply her reaction to Zhang’s arrest.

“Embezzling 350 million Chinese yuan ( million) is what the prosecutors say, and they have the right to prosecute,” Qu wrote in Chinese in the Weibo statement.