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Reconnect with the simple pleasure of riding your bike, learn more about the city and people which make up Bristol, make new friends & find ways to take action on what's important to you.Bristol Cycle Festival September 16th - 24th 9 days, 50 events Bristol Cycle Festival 2017 poster…So if you have a great idea for an event & can roll up your sleeves to make it happen. The heart of the festival is that it's organised by the cyclists of Bristol for the cyclists of ; We've 3 simple criteria for…Help us win £5k to make Bristol Cycle Festival 2017 happen!Smart Dating UK runs speed dating nights in Bristol and Cheltenham about once a week.They're aimed at people in their 20s and 30s (sometimes those in their 40s too) and cost £20.In the policy context, economic and social research is well established.As a recent book about the impact of social sciences indicated, research from the social sciences is now closely tied up with research in the sciences and technology.

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An experiment in opening up policy making To support giving policy makers access to a broader range of research findings, a speed dating event was held in December in the Cabinet Office to bring together civil servants and researchers from the Arts and Humanities.

Co-organised with Professor Keri Facer, University of Bristol and AHRC Leadership Fellow for Connected Communities Programme and Hannah Rutter, Senior Policy Adviser in the Cabinet Office, this event was an experiment both in its content - to see if such research could be of value to policy makers - and its format – to see what modes of engagement could work between professionals working in different kinds of context and in relation to different time frames.

A committee of volunteers has been running the festival for over 5 years now and while we really enjoy it, it becomes almost a full-time job every summer, requiring a massive commitment of time and budget…Our sixth year is done and dusted!

We saw around 50 excellent events happen from all across the cycling spectrum, from hill climbs to skills sessions.