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Known as the endosperm, this is the part of the rice that is most commonly consumed.Germ - Found under the hull, the germ, or rice kernel, is nutrient-dense.A very exciting NEW FEATURE is LIVE CHAT, giving you the option of realtime communication with a NACA representative for either the Home Save or Purchase Program.If you haven’t been on the website recently, it’s definitely worth a look!

The newly redesigned NACA website (com) includes a number of changes designed to make access to your file and a wealth of information elswhere on the site much simpler.The bran layer may be consumed, but it is often removed when further processing rice.White Rice - Once the bran and germ layers are removed, white rice remains.You can download a copy of End Note for your home or University computer as long as you are a current student or staff member of the University of Sydney.Links to download are available from the Library's End Note guide.