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The engine, mounted vertically in the frame, was also improved, with an alloy cylinder head and higher compression, while the Albion four-speed gearbox featured a unique ‘neutral finder’ lever.

In the early post-war period a factory was opened in Madras to supply the Indian Army and built Bullets under licence for sale on the subcontinent.

The Bulletin Is a bi-monthly publication of the Royal Enfield Owners Club of North America.

The purpose of this not for-profit club is to promote the maintenance, use and utility of Royal Enfield motorcycles and related products.

The Club encourages members and non-members to submit letters, news, reports of special events, technical tips, restoration information, ads, photographs and other items of interest.

Membership information can be obtained from the Membership Officer (see right).

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The Bullet marque is even older, and has passed 75 years of continuous production.

Include four International Reply Coupons (for sale at post offices) or an international money order in the amount of £5 for postage.

President/Librarian/Machine Specialist Roy Mac Millan 80 Sumac Trail Oshawa, Ontario, Canada L1G 7W1 (905) 579-9157 Treasurer/Membership Officer Dale Chapman 3019 Massillon Rd.

Back issues of the club newsletter and other club sales items are described in the insert called "The Redditch Ironmonger's." The club's operating year runs from June to June, with annual dues of for U. residents, for Canadian residents and all others CDN. K.) will conduct a dating search of factory records for Royal Enfields made before 1968.

Members joining after December pay dues pro-rated to half the annual fee. You can request a search by writing to the Dating Officer (see right).