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Taylor Hicks wins (season 5)Where are you now, Soul Patrol?Salt-and-pepper bluesman Taylor Hicks was something of a flukey phenom and somehow managed to triumph over fan favorite and future TV star Katharine Mc Phee (our Mc Pheever just won't sweat out! Sadly, Hicks never logged a mainstream hit, due in part to his older-skewing style.9.They ended up getting married on November 11, 2000 and she is now the mother of his three kids plus a stepdaughter from her earlier marriage.

Despite not winning American Idol, Chris is now the third most-successful contestant in terms of sales, with only show winners Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood ahead of him. After "From Justin to Kelly" failed to make him a movie star, Guarini found success on Broadway with "American Idiot" and "Wicked." He most recently starred in Diet Dr. Some are bigger than they were on the Fox TV show, others have faded into obscurity.The singer now sports a tattoo of a blonde pinup girl with a pair of angel wings.He adds: 'I’ve found that the less I say and the more I actually listen to her, and just be there without actually being there, is the best thing I can do.