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BMO POS System has the ability to connect any web cam or CCTV to do video recording and video streaming. Alternatively, view the video streaming from your mobile phone, tablet or computer with internet connection.

It provides an access point to user to view the video from other mobile devices.

We want to provide a fast, reliable and convenient way for customers to order and refill medications.

And even better, we are able to offer competitive pricing thanks to the scale of volume purchase of BP and Lovy Pharmacy.

Simply connect this HD webcam to your computer and video chat instantly with Skype™, Windows® Messenger or your favorite IM application!

End the meeting From the menu, tap End Meeting to end a meeting.If we’re not feeling well, most of us know that the long and tedious wait at a clinic is a norm.Even if we head over to a hospital, the wait is inevitable, particularly if we’re not sick enough to merit immediate attention.The controls include sharing documents and presentations from an Adobe Connect Server. The mobile client launches your device’s email program with a precomposed invitation message. The number next to the icon denotes how many participants are attending the meeting (including Hosts).Select contacts from your address book or type addresses to invite participants to your meeting. Remove attendees To remove a user, tap the name in the Attendee pod and tap Remove User (available only to Hosts using tablet devices). View what is being shared Tap to view what is being shared currently.