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Every day we’d remember another show that we hadn’t thought of since the 90s.

It was such a fun trip down memory lane, we decided to share some of our favorites with you.

Later in the episode, the two go to Chubbie's (aka the local hot spot for the "BMW" gang).

Gone are the days of big budget music videos (or any music videos really) making it on the channel, now you’re lucky to see 15 seconds of a video between episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2′ and ‘Snooki & J-Woww.’ Back in the 1990s, MTV was still using a video-heavy format, but there were plenty of shows that aired as well.This article is comprised of celebrities who got their first big launch on MTV and are still well-known names today.When “Singled Out” first aired in 1995, I was younger than its target demographic -- too young to date, yet old enough to stay up late and watch the show. Each Singled Out show had 100 people (50 men & 50 women), all vying to win the hearts of one member of the opposite sex. The MTV dating game show where one guy & one gal try to find a date from a group of 50 single men & women.