Who is abby from ncis dating

In his initial March 20 filing Shivers, who filed for divorce in 2004 and sought a restraining order a year later in 2005, claimed Perette 'intended to financially, physically and emotionally' ruin him.

"NCIS" star Pauley Perrette is a woman who definitely puts her money where her mouth is, especially when it comes to her personal convictions like not getting married until marriage is a universal right.

"I walked into this guy's office and was like, ' I was thinking maybe I could make ,000.' And he hired me for commercials, short films, like 15 jobs in a row," Perrette told .

Set in New York City, the show featured Jennifer Love Hewitt as a new arrival to the city, and Perrette played a building manager who befriends her.

But even after the so-called Prop 8 law was overturned by the U. Supreme Court in 2013, Pauley said she wouldn’t wed “until federal law legalized gay marriage for everyone.” Pauley said, “Just because we can get married, it doesn’t mean we have to.” According to the source, she’s now decided she won’t EVER marry Arklie.

In the season two episode "Twilight", Abby says that "Mc Gee didn't just sleep in the coffin".

Perrette moved around a lot as a child because of her father's job.

The family lived in 14 different places, mostly in the southern United States.

She later earned a master's degree in criminology, and would have been a police officer or a federal agent if she had not discovered acting.

Moving to New York City, Perrette worked as a bartender for a time, and a co-worker introduced her to a director.