Dating service to use dna dating behaviors of adolecents in asia

They’ve analyzed “hundreds of couples” and have determined the genetic patterns found in successful relationships. That certain A brush for collecting your DNA sample from your saliva – called a buccal swab kit – will be sent to your address.

Based on their algorithm and your DNA, they’ll determine the probability for a satisfying and long-lasting relationship between two people (color me skeptical). Following the simple instructions included with the kit you will gently collect the DNA from the inside of your cheek.

Numerous studies have revealed that chemistry, in particular body odor, plays a big part in the art of attraction, but such physical chemistry is usually impossible to identify when searching for partners online.

Dating sites such as Scientific Match and sense2say they can bring chemical attraction back into the mix to increase the chances of finding someone genetically compatible with your DNA.

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The site, Singld, works by mailing out DNA testing kits to their customers, who then spit in a tube and send it back.

The tube is then sent to a lab, where it is tested for the presence of two genetic markers.

The two markers tested for are the serotonin uptake controller, which is involved in how people handle positive and negative emotions.

But there are very few that are run solely by two female founders, and even fewer that use “biological compatibility” as a criteria for matching two users.

Meet Singld Out, a platform built for busy folks who are looking to love and need more than just a photo to convince them to go on a blind date.