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The affair quickly fizzled, and Diaz began dating Justin Timberlake soon after.Elsa Pataky & Adrien Brody Sure, the Spanish beauty is now married to Chris Hemsworth and has three beautiful children with him.However, when Lucy and perfect scoring spy Amy (Sara Foster), who is out to prevent Lucy from committing further evil deeds, meet face to face, the concept of handcuffs take on a whole new, erotic meaning. AE: Playing super-spies and criminal masterminds with humor at a time when the country is at war–how important is it to have escapist comedies such as at a time such as this? I read the script first and then I met Angela and then I saw the short. AE: Did that have any effect on your taking a role in the feature-length version? I would have done it anyway, because I really liked Angela and I loved the script.Since 2009, Mark Wahlberg has been married to wife Rhea Durham. Notable exes include Charlize Theron, China Chow, and Rachel Hunter.

The two were rumored to be an item during one of Jeter’s breaks from Minnillo in 2004.

Here’s a look at some surprising celebrity couples with a little .

Plaza revealed the two fell in love during a cross-country road trip and dated for "a year and a half." She even said that he is "very special" to her and they still love each other. He's just a weird little freak and we speak the same language...

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