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Results: Twenty new -decay half-lives are in good agreement with previous measurements on nuclei in this region.

The measured neutron emission probabilities are comparable to or smaller than values predicted by global models such as relativistic Hartree Bogoliubov plus the relativistic quasi-particle random phase approximation (RHB RQRPA).

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Tim Roper (8 April 1951 in Hampstead, northwest London – February 2003) was the former drummer of the English pub rock band Ducks Deluxe (1972–1975), as well as a member of "Reds, Whites and Blues" with Adrian "Ade" Shaw.

Kyoto University and Goldsmiths, University of London would like to invite you to a Symposium entitled "Future Mind" - Art and Technology in the future.

For more information, please visit their website at (1996-2000), Liliane Lijn brings to Summerhall five narrative sculptures that form part of a series in which the artist examines her psyche.

C’est également valable pour la région du sud du Tyrol, où, après comparaison avec des études précédentes, seulement dix sites sur quinze répertoriés peuvent être actuellement confirmés.

​Welcome to a PRIO GPS Centre seminar on gender and development in Afghanistan with guest speakers Jennifer Fluri and Rachel Lehr.

Fluri and Lehr will talk about their research which was recently published in their book The 2001 invasion of Afghanistan by United States and coalition forces was followed by a flood of aid and development dollars and "experts" representing well over two thousand organizations – each with separate policy initiatives, geopolitical agendas, and socioeconomic interests.

Like shards of brilliant glass, Lijn discovers early memories embedded within different parts of her body.

tubes embedded in a polyethylene matrix (BELEN) was used to detect neutrons with high efficiency and selectivity.