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The second time was the charm at the second Welland Floatfest Sunday July 30/2017 as participants set a Guinness Book of World Records record for the longest line of inflatables.Though the first try to set the record didn’t work out due to technical difficulties, event volunteers organized a second try which resulted in the world record being set.

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BERND FRANKE/Welland Tribune File Phil Gladman is hoping for great weather Sunday, as the second Welland Floatfest attempts to set a Guinness world record for the longest line of water inflatables.

The only way we can make sure we are there and are participating and leading government is if we get someone like April Jeffs elected.

I know that April will do a fantastic job because she has worked hard on behalf of the region, worked hard on behalf of Wainfleet and I know that she has worked hard on behalf of our party.

And we strongly believe that she can make an excellent MPP representing Niagara Centre,” said Cummings.

Dean Allison, Member of Parliament for Niagara West who introduced April Jeffs had this to say.