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Johnson has been extremely active in the Power Rangers fan community, and always has a lot of time and love for her fans. Check out: Due to her status as the immortal Pink Ranger, it’s not surprising that she is credited as Cameo #2 in the Power Rangers production notes.

She's already been active in promoting the project, having shocked the new cast with a surprise interview.

When it comes to filming a movie, it’s always like going away to summer camp.

You fall in love, do bad things, and HAVE TOO MUCH FUN!!

Ahead, 11 stories from the franchise that will make all fans want to blast the theme song and watch a You Tube video of the original rangers shouting, "Dragonzord! I'd be like, "Hey, what's going on" and I guess we're having a party. At the time we were all single, we were all on the prowl. So we'd meet briefly, but they had some great parties. It seemed that even getting Christmas off was unclear, and St.

WJ: We had lots of different parties and there were lots of different people. The funniest stories were about Walter's infamous parties. So we always had these smoking hot girls at the house. Inevitably somebody would call the police and a helicopter would show up and put a spotlight on the backyard where we had a volleyball net. A cop would come knock on the door, "Excuse me, could you guys keep it down." That was just business as usual.

The precursor to the film, Amy Jo Johnson, who has been in the industry for the past 20 years with a litany of acting credits to her name, recently chatted with me about her film making experiences as well as her notable roles in and what was your least favorite? AND my least fave episode was when–I’m trying to think— I guess, this may sound weird, but any episode that I was hardly in. Will you go to more of them in the future (like in D. I read that you developed this fear early on because of strange experiences with your fans.

'" And the real-life battle at the film's premiere, which he says Israelite told him was "brilliant," ended up preventing him from seeing his second shout-out in the movie. Although the actor missed the moment, there was no stopping fans of the original who stayed for the post-credits scene and cheered the name Tommy Oliver as it was called out repeatedly.The new film wouldn't be the same without a few nods to the original '90s series, including a cameo from Frank and original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson. Frank says Casentini told him, "Jason, we're getting you into the movie.Your cameo was cut, but we're bringing you back." And they did.But said cameo ended up getting the actor in some trouble at the film's premiere."I'm the guy in the movie theater who wanted to get a reaction shot of the audience reacting to Amy and me when our cameo appeared," says Frank.