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Hawaii said eight allegations of sexual abuse were investigated between 20 -- five of which involved a caregiver.

And when states provided a further breakdown of how many allegations had been substantiated, the results demonstrate just how few accusations end up being proven -- whether it's because of the extreme hurdles posed by aging victims, the destruction of evidence or half-hearted investigations by facilities and regulators.

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The relationship came to light when another student heard about it and threatened to tell the school unless Miss Wilson, 28, engaged in sexual activity with him.The Couple That Fucks Together (Paddy O'Brian, Massimo Piano and Klein Kerr) (Part 3) Muscled European meat is jammed into tight back entrances, thrust…Who doesn't want to watch gorgeous teens get down and naughty?Of the states that could provide at least some data, the responses varied widely.Illinois, for example, said 386 allegations of sexual abuse of nursing home residents had been recorded since 2013, 201 of which involved a caretaker.