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Mischa Barton's new arm candy James Abercrombie is more than just a pretty face.

He's also an Australian native, fashion model and the heir to one of the world's largest fortunes.

James is the son of Andrew Abercrombie, a former Victorian Liberal Party treasurer, and is set to inherit roughly 4 million.

The Australian party member is ranked number 122 on the AFR Rich List.

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Thankfully his family left for a trip earlier that day and were not harmed by the robbers who stole so much they had to wheel out all of their findings.

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Mischa and James met at a party in Los Angeles and have been confirmed as a couple by James' modeling agency Bucknall Management/FRM Model Management.

"James met Mischa at a party in Los Angeles just on a month ago. He is now back in Los Angeles and they are spending a lot of time together."All of this good news comes after a rough period for Mischa.