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I thought so, heres something that will definitely add some spice to your vibes, its the latest EP from Jrumhand on Soul Dee...

Read article Now that 4g is starting to get rolled out across the globe, there has never been a better time for the Internet and everyone using it especially Drum and Bass listeners. Read article Ive been working really hard on our twitter account @Vibration Rcrds the past couple of weeks, trying to connect far and wide to the Dn B listeners, and while I was doing my daily twitter ma...

For the Paleozoic, we have identified six phases of slow, oscillatory true polar wander during which the Earth’s axis of minimum moment of inertia was similar to that of Mesozoic times.

The Pacific Large Low Shear Velocity Province is nearly 2,000 miles wide.

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Log in or create an account today so you never miss a new release. Log In m Sdo S & Greekboy team up for their first collaboration on Sheer Velocity Recordings with two slices of liquid Gold. This melancholic, soulful track has all the hallmarks of an SVr classic and is a must for everyone's digital collection. This track truly captures the spirit of drum & bass from the golden era of 2003/4 and brings it right to date!

A new article confirms a major feature in the formation of large igneous provinces -- massive worldwide volcanic eruptions that created incredibly high volumes of lava and triggered environmental catastrophes and mass extinctions from 170 to 90 million years ago.

This diagram shows the Pacific large igneous provinces included in a study by Virginia Tech Department of Geosciences researchers.