Grey area dating

For journalists, it may be, but for those of us who had worked in advocacy or law enforcement, this description of something being in a gray area has been around all the time.” The term gray rape was used to describe the 1996 Brown University rape allegation involving students Adam Lack and Sara Klein.

According to Lack he had consensual sex with Klein.

That undefined zone whereby you’re not sure where you two stand.You know that guy you want to date, the one who is sending mixed signals? He probably thinks you're hot and entertaining to some degree. But he certainly doesn't want you to be his girlfriend. He's all over you one second, not calling you the next, isn't putting labels on your relationship and keeps making excuses to keep you around? There’s an intense connection whenever we’re together, and I know he knows it, too. As much as he likes me, he’s not ready to settle down.He just [insert Z reason, such as started a new job] a few months ago, so he needs some time.