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They even nixed the idea of automatic doors (because it’s known that at Wawa everyone holds the door for you). As Lombard describes it, Wawa’s home base wouldn’t be out of place in Silicon Valley: The Victorian home and surrounding land that George Wood purchased all those years ago is precisely where the headquarters still stand today — fittingly named “Red Roof.” The original home is still intact and hosts a small tour through Wawa’s relics and personal history, while former bedrooms operate as offices and conference rooms.The current state of Wawa’s headquarters, which is in the process of renovation, isn’t unlike a Silicon Valley tech giant, except without the obvious frills.First, it matched users depending on their interests; then, it linked itself to Twitter and analyzed user tweets before throwing up matches; and now, a revamped version for premium users has come about in the form of Blue.“We’re like Tinder Select with a more transparent membership process,” the app’s founder Daigo Smith told Blue is not the first exclusive dating app for high-profile users.In that time, Wawa has become something of a local legend, and one of the area features about which Philadelphians are most boastful.Lombard’s piece attempts to explain why that is the case, exactly — especially given that, to much of the country, Wawa is little more than a convenience store. Here, five takeaways from Mashable’s dive inside the “cult of Wawa” 1."Could your preferred heart rate actually be the key to your heart?

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star Ellie Kemper is a fan Ellie Kemper became obsessed with Wawa during her time attending Princeton University.While there’s Tinder, Grinder, OKCupid, Woo, Happn, for lesser mortals, the Twitterati can weed out unwanted romantic attention through Blue.In the US, where Blue is likely to be most used, there are close to 1,500 dating sites and apps, according to Marketdata.Tinder says it is acquiring Humin’s technology and IP, while the founders and “many members” (says the company) of the team will switch over to effectively create Tinder’s office in SF.Humin co-founders Ankur Jain and David Wyler join Tinder’s team as VP of Product and VP of Partnerships, respectively.