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The actor, who was replaced by Jamie Dornan in the lead role, has admitted that he suffered a breakdown after he struggled to keep on top of his hectic filming schedule."I wouldn't have signed up in the first place if I didn't want to do it," he told missing the whole first week of rehearsal and start shooting Monday morning," he continued."And I was going to shoot that film, wrap that on the Wednesday and the following Monday I was going to start shooting character) to Christian Grey in 48 hours.

I bit off more than I could chew and it was painful.

Le jeune acteur enchaîne avec le cinéma pour l'année 2002 : il évolue d'abord dans le thriller Abandon, mené par la jeune star montante du moment Katie Holmes ; puis il est surtout la tête d'affiche d'une adaptation de la nouvelle de Charles Dickens Nicholas Nickleby.

L'année suivante, il tient un second rôle dans le mélodrame à gros budget, Retour à Cold Mountain, mené par les stars Nicole Kidman et Jude Law, et sous la direction de Anthony Minghella.

Là encore, la série ne dépasse pas une courte unique saison.

The chickens have already started to make friends with me and I really want to eat them … I am going to be taking them to the vet and giving them mouth to mouth.

- The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award (2013) ...

"[Morgana] is an intelligent, beautiful, kind person who just tried to live a simple life and has nothing to do with the entertainment industry..you want to talk s--t, talk s--t about me, leave her out of it." CHARLIE HUNNAM SHARES 'HEARTBREAKING' REASON HE LEFT 'FIFTY SHADES OF GREY' The 35-year-old has been dating Mc Nelis, a jewelry designer, since 2005.

"This is a girl I love very much and have spent the last eleven years of my life with and hope to spend the next sixty years," he wrote.