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However, a site called Credit Sesame offers a solution to help you tame your debt and finances without eating up too much of your day. It’s a free online service and tool that allows you to optimize your debt situation.

Beyond just allowing you to keep an eye on your credit status, it also offers a way to help you manage your debt better.

Also, we like to advise our clients that there are some disadvantages to consolidating your Perkins Loan, so you should consider all the options before making a final decision.

The potentially negative consequences of consolidating your Perkins Loan are listed below.

I am the only income earner, my husband is disabled.

We live in Maple Ridge, BC and each year our property taxes increase.

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You can do this if you include at least one Direct Loan or Federal Family Educational Loan (FFEL).Thank you for signing up to receive emails from us on the latest mortgage rates and interesting home ownership news.You will receive a confirmation email from [email protected] a link that you will need to click on to confirm your email address. I've been in debt for almost four years now and I feel like I have no way out of this rut. I've turned to financial advisors to assist me in consolidating my loans but I'm either told my debt is too low for consolidation, my credit score is too low for a loan approval, private lenders tell me I would need to pay an expensive fee for them to assist me to repay the loans etc.No one has given me a plan on how I can repay my debt with the income that I have and still save.