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It's most certainly not a bad thing but having this catchy tune makes your track an entertaining ‘summer hit’ but doesn't show your musical character. Maybe, but looking at the past and future and tracking their influences and where it’s leading is a very interesting study,” says the methodical music man.With his own music inspired by a plethora of genres and artists including, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, David Byrne, Prodigy, Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails and King Crimson, Abadir surprisingly has a soft spot for the homegrown Egyptian sounds known as Mahraganat.Recently our OSN subscription ended and there was a week or so, when our renewal was pending, and we had to sift through the free-to-watch channels.

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However, what would be more satisfying than breaking that taboo with a bang?

By managing to create an heavenly audial mix of so-called Western Rock music with Arabic lyrics with local as well as universal messages, Batma brushes away all preconceived conceptions not only about music in the Arab World, but those about women, freedom, and mobility in the field of music in the Arab world and the delicious adventure that is to break its rigid confinement.

To my thrill, I was able to sit a little and chat with Batma at one of the gorgeous little rooms at the D-CAF office in Downtown Cairo.

“There’s a guy called Haleem El Daba who is an avant-garde Egyptian musician and one of the first people to do tape-manipulation but nobody knows about him – as usual.

It's like Salah Ragab, the very talented drummer who made Jazz records with masters like Sun Ra.