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Even before she suffered from anorexia, her father, Peter - a commercial printer who separated from her mother, an indexer, when Debbie was an infant - remembers that she was a "quiet child, not at all the kind you would expect to end up with the ferocious wit that she had".

At her secondary school in Sheffield, Barham was an outsider.

I need a man to take back control of the dishwasher.26) It took me six months to notice that I have a giant loft big enough to take all that 'stuff' that I put into storage when I moved.

I need a strong man (who'd have found it on day one) to fill the loft and save me £150 a month.27) Oh, how I miss being able to get all that bitching and moaning off my chest, safe in the knowledge that my ex isn't listening to a word I'm saying.

The Emmy-winning comedy show first aired in 1999 and ran for three series, but there haven't been any new episodes since the 2003 special."She was very clever, and nobody likes a clever dick, do they? "Debbie was moved a year above her peers and, in retrospect, perhaps that was dangerous for a child."Barham herself remarked later that she was "a very depressed teenager who happened to listen to the radio a lot.I know I should have listened to Morrissey and gone vegetarian, but I took solace in The News Huddlines." After years of listening to radio comedy obsessively in her bedroom, she submitted material to The News Huddlines and Radio 4's Weekending.2) It is a cliche for women to say that all their husbands are good for is 'putting out the rubbish' - but they've got a point.The combination of wheelie bins and fortnightly collections means I need a man to push my monstrous bin down the gravel path to the road.19) All my life I have suffered from icy feet, and hot-water bottles are hopeless because they are cold at 3am when you need them the most.