Dating and fuckin jen

Like, they cut right from this line to a shot of Amy Poehler and Justin Theroux together.

[Produced By Brian Springer & Irv Gotti] [Intro: Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule] (What's my motherfucking name?

Another bachy ep, another drama-fest to gab on about.

This episode promised to be action-packed but it was actually pretty mild.

There have been reports that the “Firecracker” sample was originally planned to be used for Mariah Carey’s “Loverboy”.Although they've been coupled up behind the scenes, they've yet to go public with their relationship, despite the fact he has reportedly already met her family.Per People Magazine,“She seems excited,” a source close to Lopez told PEOPLE. Now she and Reggie don’t have to run their decorating decisions by anyone. I just love them for what they represent, which is that all my choices are for me.” She turns around. It’s fucking perfect for me.” I have been in her presence for about two minutes. The star and her bichon frise, Reggie, just moved into this sunny one-bedroom in February, and every time she looks at those pillows, she gets so excited because she remembers how she’d bought them while still married to editor-director Dean Fleischer-Camp, her husband for three years, but had to stow them away because she realized it felt like they were living in a box of tampons.