Dating culture in south korea

Whether visiting South Korea on business, for tourism or even hosting Korean colleagues or clients in your own country, this guide will help you understand your South Korean counterparts, improve communication and get the relationship off to the right start. Well, we are experts in cultural awareness training courses on Korean culture!

Koreans share one language, with approximately seventy million people around the globe speaking Korean.

While the premise for romantic connections is a possibility it isn’t the primary goal.

Two groups of friends will meet, usually set up by one or two of the participants.

In America you would usually cringe at the thought of being set up on a blind date.

Literally all the worst possible qualities in a date start to manifest in your head and you’re already brainstorming ways to make a quick escape in case of disaster.

After you watch the video, listen to my commentary with Mc Connell where I highlight some of the most important aspects and…

If this sounds like a 3rd wheel, he or she basically is, but they leave upon their discretion based on how the interaction is going.

Koryo (918–1392) and Choson (1392–1910) were the last two Korean dynasties.

Korean immigrants and their descendants in Russia, China, and Japan use the names of those dynasties as a reference for their ethnicity.

The couple is then free to do as they please which can really lead anywhere depending on how adventurous they may be feeling from the new connection.

While this is categorized under blind dating in Korea, it is better to think of this as a group hangout.

Dating culture in south korea