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Ken Sullivan is a fourth generation Almond farmer, the land has been in his family for 100 years.Rebekah always knew she wanted to be a stay-at-home mother and had dreamt of ending up with a farmer.Each individual participating in any of these activities through active exclusion or consumption is personally and collectively at fault for the diminution and loss of both Sequoia sempervirens and all the commensal species, from local insect, flowering plant, amphibian, and other species. While redwoods occupy a far smaller proportion of North America than was once the case, the past 170 years has devastated the capacity of the species involved to survive both increasingly variable climate and the anthropogenic global heating trend, that if the entire ecosystem had not been so diminished, could, as it obviously had in the past, persisted through massive climate changes.A visit to the Victorian Village of Ferndale is like strolling through the past.Some were born in Humboldt, others were raised here.Some came here and stayed for a little while, others came and stayed for a lifetime.

Some branches are larger than the size of trees in other forests, and both predator and prey numbers are strongly dependent upon retention of the complex, living, dead, decaying understory.

This issue is one of greater importance an dprecedence than are transitory financial or any other human values.

Our species nearly constantly acts to exclude other species, through various means: lethal exploitation, habitat fragmentation, habitat expropriation and sequestration by highly destructive and persistent methods: removing forests by building over their habitats, paving over, water removal, storage transport from the ecosystem.

less Rebekah and Ken Sullivan pictured with their daughters Ruth, 1, left, and Grace, 3, outside of the oldest barn on their property December 20, 2013 at their home and Almond orchard in Orland, Calif. more Ken Sullivan, 44, washes his hands with his youngest daughter, Ruth, 1, while his oldest, Grace, 3, stands in the foreground before eating lunch as a family December 20, 2013 at their home and Almond orchard in Orland, Calif.

Further, the school is locked between the beautiful ocean and vast, historical redwoods.