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In this upcoming patch, we continued to improve our cinematic scenes, particularly in the opening hours of the game.In addition to enhanced performance and stability, we addressed a number of player-reported issues, including a bug that caused SAM to repeatedly tell Ryder they had received new email.The Good System Shield Anti Virus and Anti Spyware offers you several different scan settings, such as the ability to scan the whole system, or just specific files and folders.

Although the update includes a large number of fixes and improvements, changes made to cutscene presentation have received the most attention by fans."Powers and weapons were underperforming at higher difficulties—particularly power combos and assault rifles.As a result, players relied heavily on the Vanquisher sniper rifle and melee-focused classes.A new software update for Nvidia's Shield platform brings 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second streaming from PC games through Nvidia's Game Stream technology, according to an update on the company's official blog.In October, Nvidia introduced Shield's console mode, enabling native 1080p output of Android-based games and 720p, 60 frames per second streaming of PC games to an HDTV.